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A Beginner’s Guide to Play Real Cash Games


In today’s world, almost everything is digital. Everyone’s inclining toward online games. With time, these games (Real Cash Games) provide a platform to earn extra money and have fun.

One great way to make money online is by placing money in cash games such as Ludo, Tambola, Rummy, and Poker. The good news is that most of these Apps allow players from all over the world to enjoy their services and compete against other players with similar interests. This means that everyone has a chance to join the action no matter where they live and who they are.

What Are Real Cash Games?

Real money serves as the principal currency in real cash games. These games use real money to determine the winner of the competition. In terms of types, real cash games fall under slot games, board games, table games, poker games or sports games. Amongst these types, you may also find games that allow you to place money on Ludo, Tambola, or choose between different types of online games.

How Can I Earn Money Playing Real Money Games Online?

In order to play real money games online, you will have to create a new account at each App. Most Apps are free to join, but you may have to provide some personal details like your name, address, and email address.

Once you’re logged in, you will see a list of all the games that are available. Some Apps have a section dedicated to real money games with different games for every day of the week.

Once you find a game that you like, you will have to choose a game ticket that corresponds to the amount you want to play for. These games can be played from anywhere, so you can either play from your computer or from your tablet. While most Apps allow you to choose your device, you should always make sure you are playing on the most appropriate device.

The rules of each game are very similar to real board games, and you should play at your own risk and play with funds that you can afford to lose. Hence, Play Responsibly!

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»»How to play online real cash games and earn real cash.

Tips for Playing Real Cash Games

  1. Start out slowly:  Stick with stakes you can manage because you could lose your entire stack in one play.
  2. Play if you have enough: Large jackpots in real money games typically indicate big rewards or big threats. Anything in the middle could lead to you being humiliated by a more skilled player. Because low full houses, straights, and flushes are readily beaten by someone else, you should exercise caution and think again before playing with them.
  3. Keep Track of what you’re putting Into the Game: This is one of the key ways to make money online. If you lose all of your money playing real cash games, you will not have the ability to play again. You need to keep track of your winnings and losses, so you know when to stop playing.
  4. Understand the Risks: Real cash games have many risks that come with them. You could lose all of your money in a single game, or you could win a lot and enjoy a nice jackpot. If you are playing with a small amount of money and are prepared to lose a large amount.
  5. Be Patient: This is another key tip for making money from real cash games. It can be very frustrating to lose your money, so be patient and don’t play for everything you have on a single play.

Which Apps Offer the Best Real Cash Games?

This question can be difficult to answer since there are many real cash games apps on the internet. We have chosen a few of the best Apps to play real cash games during this period.

Lubin Games is one of the best App for joining real cash games. You can place your money on many different types of games, including Ludo and Tambola. It offers various promotional, referral and bonus codes.

RummyCircle is an online rummy portal that allows you to play rummy while also bringing thrill to your favourite device. They  provide a digital avatar for the game to play among small groups of friends and family.

Junglee Rummy is a great site for those who love playing real cash games. This site has a huge variety of rummy games and a large amount of daily bonus money. You can also redeem your bonus money for cash.

Mobile Premier League (MPL), An online gaming platform provides 60+ games and enables players to play games and earn real money.

Play games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and Carrom for real money with millions of other players on Zupee. Play these multiplayer online games and demonstrate your talents to win real money.


Real cash games are a great way to make money online by playing with real money. It’s important to keep in mind that these games have a lot of risks, so you should only play with funds that you can afford to lose. These tips will help you make the most of your money playing these games.