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[2022] How to Play TAMBOLA on Lubin Games


Lubin Games have brought back an old-time favorite TAMBOLA game where you can use your skills to play and get an opportunity to earn real cash (If you are amateur to game, read How to play Tambola Game online).

TAMBOLA is a game of the Indian Subcontinent (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh). Lubin Games provides you an opportunity to play skill-based TAMBOLA which is an updated version of the original Bingo, and you can earn real cash as well.

This blog will take you through its game-play and show you how to play TAMBOLA on Lubin Games with simple steps, where the player gets opportunities to earn real cash briefly.

What is TAMBOLA Game?

TAMBOLA is the upgraded version of Bingo and Housie, available on Lubin Games.  You will find more fun and chances to win real cash prizes.

Moreover, the best aspect of the game is that there are no longer restrictions and limitations that required people to play with a certain number of players. The game allows players from all around India to participate from the convenience of their homes, workplace, etc.

How to Play TAMBOLA and What are its Rules on Lubin Games

Let’s get deep into how to play TAMBOLA Game (Step-by-Step).

Download the Lubin Games App

The first and foremost task is to start by Downloading the Lubin Games from the App Store or Google Play Store or clicking on the “Download Now!” button below and start playing the game.


After downloading the app, the Next Step is you need to signup with your phone number. It will take you to the dashboard of our skill-based TAMBOLA.

Buy TAMBOLA Tickets

You are at the Dashboard of the game. Now, your next move is to buy the TAMBOLA ticket. So, buy tickets for any of the following prices: Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, and Rs.100. Each player can buy a maximum of 2 tickets per game.

Select the Room options to play

The second step is to select the game room in which you want to play. Each room has a different number of players playing the game. Available room options are 100 slots, 200 slots, and 500 slots.

The higher the slot size of the room, the higher the number and value of the rewards a player can win.

Select the Room Timing

It is time to select the game timing. 

Currently, we organize TAMBOLA rooms with the following timings:

⏱ 10:00 AM
⏱ 01:00 PM
⏱ 04:00 PM
⏱ 07:00 PM
⏱ 11:00 AM
⏱ 02:00 PM
⏱ 05:00 PM
⏱ 08:00 PM
⏱ 12:00 PM
⏱ 03:00 PM
⏱ 06:00 PM
⏱ 09:00 PM
The host will broadcast the event

The server will air the game at the scheduled time.

Note: Although you arrive late for the game, you must proceed with the game. Once you miss, you miss the opportunity. Wait, there’s more! You still have a chance to win the game and take home the remaining rewards.

Use your skills to cross the announced numbers in 7 seconds

Our in-built AI will announce the number randomly and will pop up at the top of the screen as soon as the game begins. Use your cognitive skills and start crossing the announced number on your ticket.

Claim the prizes ASAP

As soon as you achieve the winning pattern, click on the claim button which is beneath the ticket, and claim the corresponding prizes.

Win real cash

The reward section of your profile dashboard will display the winning sum of money. You can withdraw the winnings which will be credited within 24-48 hours.

Game ends

The game ends when all 90 numbers are called out or when all the prizes for that day are claimed, whichever happens, earlier.

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What is the difference between TAMBOLA vs Housie vs Bingo?

TAMBOLA, Housie, and Bingo are various names for the same game that differ depending on where it is played.

In South Asian nations, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc., the name TAMBOLA is quite well-known. In other nations including China, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, it is also very popular.

Both Housie and Bingo are synonyms. In contrast to Housie, which is a prevalent term in Australia and New Zealand, Bingo is a word that is widely used in the US, Canada, and Europe.

TAMBOLA’s Origin and History as a Game


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