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Learn How to Play Tambola


Lubin Games is introducing Tambola, a new generation of Housie/Bingo with an innovative online version that is real cash games and can be accessed anytime and anywhere for the online version of this classic board game. Online Requirement is you must have internet access on any smartphone.

Tambola Rules

Tambola, often spelled Tombola, Bingo, and Housie is a very well game. Despite the fact that the majority of western nations refer to this game of probability as housie, India, Pakistan, and other South East Asian nations prefer to refer to it as Bingo. The game is entertaining to play and simple to learn how to play tambola. The Tambola rules are as follows:

Tambola Tickets

Every player typically has to purchase a minimum of 1 ticket to enter a game. There are 3 rows and 9 columns totaling 27 spots on a regular 90-ball Tambola ticket. There are 5 numerals written on each row in total. 1, 2, or up to 3 numerals can be printed in a column. The tickets include 15 random 1-90 numbers.

Tambola Gameplay

The game starts at the scheduled time (Visit the page for Tambola game time slot). There is an AI caller who will announce the random number, which will be shown on the screen for 7-8 seconds. As the game advances, the Tambola ticket will be marked with the number stated. The goal of the game is to cross out every number on the ticket that the AI Caller calls. The player who marks all the numbers in a winning pattern first and presses the claim button is proclaimed the winner of that pattern after the dealer inspects his ticket and confirms its accuracy with a numbers check.

If your claimed winning pattern is incorrect, it will be considered BOOGY and you cannot play forward with the same ticket.

The game concludes when all 90 numbers are declared, or when a winner is announced for each of the game’s pattern combinations, whichever comes first.

Tambola Winning Patterns

You must cross winning combinations successfully on your Tambola ticket in order to win in bingo, housie, or tombola. The following list includes winning Tambola combinations:

  • Early Five: The ticket with the first 5 numbers crossed successfully.
  • Corners: The ticket with all 4 numbers in the corner crossed successfully.
  • Top Line: The ticket with all the number at the top line get crossed.
  • Middle Line: The ticket with all the number at the middle line get crossed.
  • Bottom Line: The ticket with all the number at the bottom line get crossed.
  • 1st Full house: The player who crossed all 15 numbers first on their will win the first house.
  • 2nd Full House: The player who crossed all 15 numbers after the first full house winner will win the second house prize.

Every game platform has a different winning pattern. But, these winning patterns are available for Lubin Games Players on Tambola Game.