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Ludo Games: Real Cash Games


What is Ludo Game?

Ludo is an ancient game and is still popular in India. It is also played in modern times as a board game and recently Online Ludo Game has become popular on mobiles.

It is real cash games on Lubin Games.  Two or four individuals can play this online ludo game. The goal is to compete with the different users and cross the finish line first using four of your Pawns. The race, though, doesn’t actually depend on any one person.

An individual uses the number on the dice to guide their decision-making. As soon as you get rid of all of your opponent’s pawns, the tactics start to make sense. In such cases, the pawn must restart.

Many Asian and European nations play Ludo, which is a variation of the Indian game Pachisi.

History and Relevance of the Ludo Game

The original board game, Pachisi, also known as “chaupar” and “chausar,” is an Indian game (see Penn Museum information). The 16th century is when the description of this old game first appeared. Pachisi was invented around the sixth century, according to Wikipedia.

It was legally approved and released in England in 1896 under the name “Ludo.” Its most well-known variants include Sorry! And Trouble.

Variation of Ludo Games on Lubin Games

Features of Online Ludo Game

Ludo Game Rule

Everyone, young and old, can play Online Ludo Game. The game is enjoyable since the rules are simple. However, be careful when playing because one eliminated pawn has the power to alter the course of the game and ignite feelings!

Major Advantages of Playing Ludo on Lubin Games

Ludo still unites people and brings people together, just as in earlier times. It was Ludo that kept people in touch and provided them with a breath of optimism during Covid-19.

Given that we are in the midst of a digital revolution, it is fair to assume that Ludo’s internet presence is well-known. 

Unlike other Ludo games played online, Lubin Games Ludo is distinctive in its own right. Play Ludo online on the best gaming site, Lubin Games, and gain the rewards of earning real cash.

The major advantages of playing Ludo on Lubin Games are listed below since players are so eager to participate in this game.

Why should you choose Lubin Games to play Ludo?

How To Play Ludo on Lubin Games: Steps and Options!

  1. You need to sign up using your phone number.
  2. You need to select “Online Play” option which allows you to play with someone else who is online. Further, you need to choose any one of the mode among the Classic-Ludo, Points-Ludo, T-20 Ludo and T-10 Ludo options, then the number of players, and the amount of money.
  3. Another option is for family/friends to play together as a group. Such an option will produce a private space where you can play with your friends or near and dear ones or with your kitty gang.
  4. Once a private space is ready, a fee for access will pop up.
  5. The user will receive a ticket to provide to others so they can join the appropriate players. The user or initiator has the option to send this code via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other app.
  6. When all members have joined, tap Play to start the game.
  7. Tap the dice once for your turn to begin.
  8. To send emotions to your opponents, you need to touch on the gift bubble that appears over your avatar’s head. By just tapping the gift symbol located directly above each friend, users may now send each other amusing emojis.

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