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T10 Ludo

Take part in T20 Ludo Game, the most challanging version in the history of Ludo Game where you can match with real-time players and win real cash.

T10 Ludo

Let’s look at the specifics of one of the best real cash games called T10 Ludo Game, including how to play online, how to join the game, the point system, and everything else.

What is T10 Ludo Game?


T10 Ludo, an updated version of a classic Board Game and a real cash game, is an online board game on Lubin Games where players get 10 turns for rolling dice to move their pieces/pawns around the board. The objectives of the game is to accumulate points more than your opponents.

Lubin Games is a gaming platform that has created a new version of Classic Ludo Board Game called Online T10 Ludo Game. This game is played over the Internet using mobile.

 This new version of the game allows players to play against each other from across India.

How can you get into the T10 Ludo Game on Lubin Games?

Here are some basic tips for getting started with t10 ludo game on Lubin Games:

  1. Download the Lubin Games Application from Play Store and App Store on your phone.
  2. Tap on “Login With OTP”.
  3. Enter “Your Mobile Number” and tap on “Get OTP”.
  4. Enter “OTP” and tap on “Verify OTP”.
  5. Next, Enter your “Name” and click on “Submit”.
  6. Now, Tap on “T-10 Ludo” icon.
  7. Choose the game you want to play between 2 players game and 4 players game.
  8. Pick your game ticket at listed prize and tap on “Join”.
  9. It will lead you into the game. The game will load in 30 seconds or less.
  10. It’s the time to PLAY. Use your skills in moving your pawn wisely and try to accumulate points more and more to win the game.

The T10 Ludo Game: How to Play Online?

You can play t10 Ludo on Lubin games after entering a contest and being matched with real-time opponents as follows:

  • Ensure you have got 10 turn that is visible below your Avatar.
  • Click on “Dice” displayed alongside your Avatar to roll and move your pawn.
  • You will get 5 seconds to tap the dice and 5 seconds to move your pawn.
  • If you miss 3 chance either to tap the dice or move the pawn, you will be out of the game.
  • All 4 pawn of your ludo is open to move and you don’t need 6 to begin the game.
  • You will receive 1 points for moving 1 block.

The Points system of T10 Ludo Game

The t10 Ludo at Lubin Games has point system to increase the appeal of this game! If you accumulate the most points in 10 turns, you will win the game. These are the main rules:
  • The players will receive the one points for each block they move their pawn.
  • When a player eliminates an opponent’s pawn, the opponent’s point total is reduced by the number of points that specific pawn has earned.
  • When you take your pawn all across the the board to homespace, you will get 50 extra points.

Game Rules

To play t10 ludo game, the new variant of Ludo Games, Follow these rules:

  • You don’t need 6 to begin game.
  • There is no additional turn if you have 6.
  • If your pawn stand on a safe box, the opponent’s pawn cannot cut you.
  • If your pawn is on another pawn even outside the safe box, the opponent’s pawn cannot cut you.
  • Try to cut your opponent’s pawn, it will be returned to the starting point and all points earned on that piece will be lost.
  • If you miss your turn more than three times, the game is over for you.
  • You lose your turn if you don’t move your pawn it in the allotted 10 seconds.
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