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Play Skill-Based Tambola and win upto 1 crore real cash, just by playing the game. Play it on launch day and win this reward.


Installation is super easy. Always download Lubin Games APK file from the official websites. Here is a video that demonstrates how to download the Lubin Games application:

About Skill-Based Tambola

Tambola is a fun game of skill and chance. It’s a game that brings people together to play, chat and laugh. It’s a game that has been enjoyed by children and adults alike for generations.

Tambola, the new skill-based and real cash game is launching on Lubin Games. And what’s better than a launch day? Rs. 1 crore giveaways to Tambola winner! To celebrate this very momentous occasion, we have organised an awe-inspiring giveaway to get you started with your journey to 1 crore in real cash. 

We promise that partners who will focus on converting players into clicks and sales will be rewarded by Rs. 10 as bonus – because that’s how we roll here at Lubin Games.

Tambola Claims

Lubin Games will launch the tambola game on December 25, 2022 but pre-registration has begun already and Tambola Tickets are live now.

So, Download the Lubin Games Application and register yourself and buy the ticket. Tambola Tickets are available for different prices.

In order to honour the winners, Lubin Games has kept seven tambola prizes. For example, you manage to cross first 5 numbers correctly; you will be the Early Five Winner.

These seven tambola claims are like:

  • Early Five: The winner of the first five rewards is the player who crosses the first five numbers (the declared numbers) on the tambola tickets.
  • Corner: The corner winner is the one who strikes all of the numbers in the corners of the ticket first.
  • Top Line: The player is qualified to receive the top line reward that cut off at the top line numbers first.
  • Middle Line: Middle Line reward is for the player who crosses all the number of middle line in tambola ticket.
  • Bottom Line: The player who crosses all the number of bottom line in tambola ticket is qualified for Bottom Line Reward.
  • First Full House: The first full house will go to the player whose tambola ticket has all of their numbers checked.
  • Second Full House: After the first complete house has been claimed, the player whose tambola ticket has all of the numbers checked will receive the second full house.
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