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How to play online real cash games and earn real cash


Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. They offer fun and exciting gameplay, but they also provide opportunities for players to play online real cash games & earn real cash. How much can you really make from these games?

Mobile gaming has become a huge business. In 2021 alone, the global mobile game market is worth $200 billion. The number of mobile game downloads increased by almost 50% last year.

Mobile games are now big business. If you want to earn real money by playing game, you need to know how to play them really well. Here is some good tips to get started.

Some good tips on how to play online real cash games and earn real cash

Are you looking for a way to play online real cash games and earn real cash? If so, then you should read this article. In this article, I have listed some tips that will help you learn how to play mobile games to earn real cash.

3 ways you can make real cash playing mobile games?

One of the largest industries in the world, Data states that there are more than 2 billion mobile gamers across the globe. Mobile gaming has become a billion dollar industry and only continues to grow.

As you can imagine, millions of people are playing mobile games on their smartphones and tablets, but very few of them are actually making money from it. In this article I will reveal three ways to make money playing mobile games…

1. Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships

Games like Ludo and Tambola(Bingo/Housie) frequently have tournaments. Naturally, the higher the prize pool, the more popular the game becomes.

If you’re good enough to join an esports group, you could be able to make some real cash from victories and sponsorships. The majority of successful players use live broadcasts to earn extra money.

I know some of you still wondering and have question like, why making some real cash through mobile Game Tournaments Is Difficult?

It is because some people lack the necessary skills to succeed. A world-class player might lose in the first round of a competition and go away empty-handed. Even if you win any money, it might not be enough.

Another factor is that esports is a very new industry. Even if you get a position on a recognised team, your “income” will be less than the minimum pay. Conmen and thieves prey on inexperienced players in this business, which is rampant with them.

Find a game that is widely played, has a lot of competitions, and has the attention of many esports organizations. Practice often and keep practicingz

As you improve, form connections with other eminent players to promote yourself publicly. Consider starting small by using popular gaming competitions in your community.

Realistically, you’ll probably succeed more (and make more real cash) if you pursue a career as a non-competitive streamer. In this way, even if you’re not the best, people will still love watching you.

II. Get Paid to Live Stream

Anyone can broadcast their games in real time to a worldwide audience. Try to get a huge network that you can pay for with advertisements or a devoted following. YouTube is the most popular streaming site, but Vimeo is also a choice.

You must be surprised with the topic, how anyone can make some real cash just by broadcasting their game play?

A live stream audience have developed over time. For several months, it could be difficult to surpass 10 concurrent viewers, or it can take years to reach 100 watchers at once. The truth is that the majority of streamers never get there, and in order to make a livelihood from video game streaming, you’ll need thousands of loyal viewers.

The streaming market is overcrowded. Considering all the other popular streams available, why someone will watch you? That is the difficult part.

Make a name for yourself by playing games that nobody else is playing, having a unique sense of humors or personality, or being a world-class athlete.

Thank goodness, streaming has a low admission requirement. All you need is a smartphone, some games that the audience is interested in watching, a charming personality, and access to the Internet.

As well as having a smartphone with adequate storage for the games you’re playing, be sure your internet upload speed is quick enough to accommodate the broadcast.

III. Sell Accounts

Depending on how much time you’ve invested in a game, you might be able to “flip” other players’ accounts or in-game products, or you could also be able to sell accounts.

For instance, it’s common practice in Overwatch to use a “smurf” account—a secondary account with a ranking far lower than the player’s true skill level. Players that wish to smurf could try to buy an account to spare them time because you have to attain a particular level to play competitive matches

Similar to the above, if you are a better player than a player, they may hire you to rank up their account’s skill ratings. Despite the fact that you won’t make a lot of money from this, you might be able to make enough to pay for your next game.

There are more inventive ways to approach this; you might use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to market “game services” to potential customers. Someone who is lonely could pay for the opportunity to have a buddy to hang out with for an hour.

I’m not joking. You can sell your account to player with less skilled player but again it’s hard to make enough real cash from this way.

Although this method of earning money involves less commitment than the majority of the ones previously described, it is still not ideal. The time it takes to gain them makes it hardly worthwhile to pursue, unless you already have extra accounts or rare equipment lying around.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that anyone would want to purchase what you are offering.

Selling your account or other things could be prohibited under the laws of a particular game, depending on its terms of service.

So, before trying anything, always double-check your technique and look into the things that sell well in the games you enjoy playing. An online marketplace like PlayerAuctions facilitates the exchange of gaming goods.

Conclusion: You can play online real cash games and earn real cash, but it takes a lot of work.

If you’re willing to spend an enormous amount of time playing a real cash games at mobile, then it is possible to make money while doing it.

Just be sure that you have the skills, the time and the passion for mobile gaming before you get going.