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Play the most popular variations of Ludo: The Classic-Ludo with real-time players and win real cash.


Are you ready for some Classic Ludo fun? This game has been around since ancient times. But Lubin Games is introducing to you all a refreshing version of the Ludo game as a real cash games, inspired by traditional Ludo Board Game and called Pachisi earlier. The rules are straightforward: players take turns rolling dice until all four pawns reach home space or you lose the game.

In recent years, Ludo has become very popular thanks to its accessibility and simplicity. This makes it perfect for children and adults alike. It’s a great way to spend time together, especially during family gatherings.

In addition to being a fun game, it also helps develop hand-eye coordination and concentration skills through strategy. If you want to play better, read our guide on how to improve your Ludo skills.

About Classic-Ludo


Classic-Ludo, an online ludo board game available on Lubin Games, a gaming application, where you can play with friends, family and real players from pan India and can win real cash prizes daily.

*All rules of Ludo Game apply in this game.

How to Play Classic Ludo on Lubin Games?

Classic Ludo, a variant of traditional Ludo Board Game is an online mobile game. To play it, read the following instructions:
  1. Classic Ludo let you play in 4 formats like 2-players, 3-players, 4-players and private room. Select one.
  2. This variant of ludo has tournaments of different ticket prizes.
Tickets are available at following prizes:
  • Rs. 10
  • Rs. 50
  • Rs. 100
  • Rs. 200
  • Rs. 500
  • Rs. 1,000
  • Rs. 2,000
  • Rs. 3,000
  • Rs. 5,000
  • Rs. 10,000 …,
Choose any of the above ticket and tap on “Join”.
  1. You are on the Classic Ludo Game Dashboard. You cannot choose the color of your pawn. It is assigned randomly.
  2. Tap on Dice. It will roll and you have to move your pawn. You don’t need 6 to begin the game. All Pawns are in open to move, making it a quick game.
  3. Other feature that makes it a quick game is Lubin Games provides 5 seconds each to roll the dice and move the pawn.
  4. You win the game when you take all your 4 pawn to home space before anybody does that.

Classic Ludo Rules

  1. First and foremost rule of the game is, don’t take your opponents lightly because it’s a skills based game and everybody here is to win the game.
  2. Each player receives random color pawns at the beginning of the game.
  3. All pawns are open to move.
  4. You don’t need 6 to begin the game.
  5. Each player will get 5 seconds to roll the dice and 5 seconds to move the pawns.
  6. You can cut your opponent’s pawn.
  7. If you lose 3 turns throughout the game, you will out of the game and will lose the entry fees.
  8. The players who take their all 4 pawn to home space will win the game and take away the real cash prizes.

Classic Ludo Tips & Tricks

  1. Do not miss the chance to cut the opponent’s pawn.
  2. Try to keep your pawn 7 boxes ahead from your opponent’s pawn.
  3. To safeguard your pawn, use “Safe Zone” box or keep your pawn one above the other in the same box.
  4. Use 5 seconds to roll the dice and other 5 seconds in planning the strategy and moving your pawn effectively.
  5. Do not miss 3 turns during the game.
  6. Do not distract from the game, any distraction or hindrance lead you to out of the game and you could lose the game and entry fees as well.
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