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T20 Ludo

Play a more advanced game of Ludo: The T20 Ludo features live players and real cash prizes

T-20 Ludo

A brand-new version of the beloved Ludo game as the best real cash games is on Lubin Games called T20 Ludo! Let’s look at this game’s specifics right now.

What is T20 Ludo?


T-20 Ludo is one of the variants of Ludo game on the Lubin Games application. It is the online version of the traditional Ludo board game. 

The rules are very straightforward. All Players will get 20 turns to throw dice one-by-one. Use dice to navigate your pawns across the board. The player whose pawn moves most blocks across the board or accumulate higher points, will wins the game!

How can you join T20 Ludo Game on Lubin Games?

Here are some general instructions on how to begin playing t20 Ludo game on Lubin Games:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up using your personal phone number.
  • Enter it on lubin games application to receive an OTP via SMS.
    On the following screen, enter that OTP.
  • Then enter your name and tap on “Submit.”
  • Next, Click on the “T20 Ludo” icon.
  • Select the game you want to play between 2-players and 4-players.
  • Next, choose the game ticket you preferred and play against live opponents and Tap on “Join”.
  • ASAP you click “Join” button, it will take 30 seconds or less to load the game.
  • Now start playing this new version of ludo game on Lubin Games.

T20 Ludo: How to Play Online?

When you have entered a contest and been matched with an opponent, you can play t20 ludo game on Lubin games as follows:

  • Make sure you have got your 20 turns and your no. of turn will display above the Avatar. You will get 15 seconds to make move.
  • If you miss 3 moves throughout the game, you will be out of the game.
  • Click on the Lubin Ludo dice icon on the bottom-left of the screen/alongside your avatar to roll the dice.
  • Next, move your pawn forward. You won’t have the chance to pick the pawn and 6 to begin the game. All 4 pawns are open in open position already.
  • You will receive the points for every block you move your pawn.
  • Every time try to cut your opponent’s pawns. This will reduce the number of points of your opponents and you will get 5 extra points.
  • You can check how many points you have collected on the home space of the board.

T-20 Ludo Points System

There is a point system on T20 Ludo of Lubin Games to make this game more engaging! You can win the game if you score the highest points in 20 turns. The key rules are as follows:

  • The player will receive one point for every block they move.
  • When you take your pawn throughout the board to home, you will gain 50 points.
  • When you eliminate your opponent’s pawn, all the points earned by the particular pawn will be deducted.

What is a Safe Zone in T-20 Ludo?

On the board, safe zones are designated with a “star.” In T-20 Ludo like traditional ludo board game, there are a total of 8 clearly identified safe zones.

Best Ludo Application

The Lubin Games app is among the top ludo applications for playing and having fun while earning real cash. The major aspects make Lubin Games one of the greatest ludo apps:

  • A Real Cash Games
  • Simple sign-up process and biggest referral bonus
  • Quick loading and user-friendly
  • players are available round-the-clock to compete with
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